My research interests are in harmonic analysis, complex analysis in one and several variables, PDE, and their interplay; these have been primarily concerned with the study of singular integral operators, elliptic boundary value problems and Div-Curl inequalities. A leading theme is the use of boundary integral representation formulas, with main focus on the lack of boundary regularity of the ambient domain. More recently, I have made an effort to build parts of this program within the novel context of several complex variables — to develop a theory of Cauchy-like singular integrals with holomorphic kernel and for non-smooth domains in n-dimensional complex Euclidean space that effectively blends the complex structure of the ambient domain with the Calderòn-Zygmund theory for singular integrals on non-smooth domains in 2n-dimensional real Euclidean space. Applications to several complex variables include the regularity of orthogonal projections onto the Bergman and Hardy spaces of holomorphic functions on non-smooth domains.

Because of the rigidity imposed by the complex structure, the study of these problems requires new and different tools than in the classical setting.


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Analysis Group at Syracuse University